Regular servicing is one of the main conditions for the smooth operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. It allows not only to clean the air of dust, bends and other pollution, but also to ensure quieter operation of the equipment, save up to 30% of electricity, and also increase the life of air conditioners and ventilation systems.
The number of services per year depends on the specifics of the premises and operating conditions. For example, for apartments and private houses it is 1-2 times a year, for server rooms and restaurants it can be 4-12 times a year. The exact amount can be determined by a specialist after leaving the facility.

Servicing includes:

Diagnostics of the external unit 

inspection of malfunctions, cleaning, check of fixtures, check of boards and electrical parts

Diagnostics of the indoor unit

inspection of problems, cleaning the filters and the evaporator, disinfection with a special solution, check of the engine, measuring the air temperature at the inlet and outlet of the air conditioner

Inspection of freon and drain lines

inspection for freon leakage, lack of leaks, system tightness, cleaning the drain system