Ventilation and air conditioning

We provide a full cycle of work on ventilation and air conditioning systems: design, installation, warranty, servicing.
Before creating a project, we will surely study all the features of your facility, make accurate calculations for the correct selection of equipment, take into account your wishes and coordinate with you the selected system.

When ordering a project, you get help in the preparation of technical requirements, an explanatory note and layouts of ventilation and air conditioning systems, specifications of equipment and materials.

We design ventilation and air conditioning systems for such facilities:



Private houses, cottages, townhouses

Pools in private estates and sports complexes

Restaurants, cafes

Industrial enterprises


Ventilation and air conditioning of the apartment


Ventilation and air conditioning of the apartment

It is very important for apartments to create a comfortable microclimate, since we spend a very large part of our lives there.
It is necessary not only to correctly calculate the necessary air exchange, but also to ensure quiet operation of the equipment and the movement of air through the space of the apartment, to choose silent and efficient air distribution grilles that would look aesthetically pleasing in the interior.

As a result of our work, you get a ventilation and air conditioning system that: Aesthetically fits into the interior of the apartment.Considers your individual wishes.Creates a comfortable microclimate.Ensures the purity of the supply air by filtering it.Design and installation are carried out in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

Office ventilation and air conditioning

It's no secret that the productivity of workers directly depends on the microclimate in the room. That is why it is so important when creating a ventilation and air conditioning system in offices to correctly calculate the air exchange.
Cooperating with us, you get a correctly working ventilation and air conditioning system, which provides:
The optimum amount of fresh, purified, heated or chilled air.Comfortable microclimateProfitability in operation.Silent operation of equipment and air distribution devicesFits seamlessly into room design.


Ventilation and air conditioning of restaurants and cafes

The comfortable and cozy atmosphere in restaurants and cafes is created not only due to deliciously prepared dishes and friendly service, but also due to a comfortable microclimate in the room.
The complexity of designing ventilation and air conditioning systems for restaurants and cafes lies in the fact that such facilities often consist of several rooms (kitchen, hall for visitors, banquet hall, smoking room, etc.), the requirements for the microclimate in which are completely different. That is why it is very important to think about these systems at the design stage of the facility itself, in order to ultimately get
Necessary air exchange in each room with optimal air parametersEnergy efficient systemHVAC system that fits perfectly into the designEasy-to-maintain systemA system that is implemented in accordance with all applicable norms and rules.