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Ventilation design

We create turn-key ventilation projects


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Why you need help in ventilation design

1. The ventilation system consists of a ventilation machine, air-ducting system, air distribution devices, throttle valves, actuators. Where and how to install them – calculates the designer.2. The correct air exchange is ensured by individually made air ducts, the sections and diameters of which are calculated during the design process.3. In the process of coordinating the ventilation system with an architect, designer or customer, you can find out the lowering of the ceiling, the location of the air distribution devices and the supply and exhaust system, correctly position all engineering systems and communications.

After preparing a professional project, you will receive:

An energy-efficient ventilation system that works with minimal noise and maximum comfort.

Clean, fresh air of optimum temperature and humidity.

Minimization of costs for maintenance and installation work.

Features of ventilation systems design

Design of ventilation systems is carried out in accordance with regulatory documents and technical specifications. The equipment is selected depending on the technical specifications, customer wishes, the specifics of the room.
The task of industrial ventilation is to supply and discharge thousands of cubic meters of air per hour. The ventilation system during this operation creates noise, therefore it is placed in a special room - a ventilation chamber.

The task of ventilation in cottages, apartments and other residential premises is quiet and efficient operation. Often there is no ventilation chamber in such rooms, therefore the designers envisage a number of measures to minimize noise and select the appropriate equipment.


The design of the ventilation system for a public or industrial building is carried out strictly in accordance with the DBN of Ukraine, state standards for ventilation and air conditioning. A project for a private room is based on a technical enquiry, in which, in addition to norms and rules, individual wishes of the customer are taken into account.
Project – free
At the initial appeal stage, you always get counselling, a preliminary decision and a commercial offer. If after designing you purchase equipment from us and decide to entrust us with the installation, the project will be completely free for you.

Design stages


The air exchange in the rooms is calculated, the layout of the air ducts is developed, their cross section is calculated.


Coordination of the preliminary scheme with the customer or designer.


Implementation of working drawings.


Issuance of tasks to installers, electricians, plumbers, builders.


Recalculation of the final commercial offer in accordance with the project, with accurate prices for equipment and installation.

Terms and cost of design

The cost of the project and the terms of its implementation are calculated individually.

Our designers

In our company we have designers with higher education and many years of experience in designing systems of varying degrees of complexity. They will find the most optimal solution in any situation, based on the terms of technical requirements, wishes and budget of the customer.

Air conditioning design

We create turn-key conditioning projects


For the correct operation of the air conditioning system

which is designed to be aesthetic, efficient, economical, to create comfortable indoor air parameters, a project is needed.
During the design, the installation location of the equipment, the air-ducting system (if necessary), the supply of communications are determined, the power of the equipment is calculated based on the individual characteristics of the facility. The project makes it possible to obtain a complete specification of equipment and materials for the air conditioning system.
The project is carried out for the following types of systems: split systems and multi-split systems of channel type, chiller-fan coil systems, multi-zone systems, central air conditioning.

In the case of installing other types of split systems and multi-split systems (wall, cassette, floor-ceiling, column type) the design is not necessary.
During developing a commercial offer when contacting us, we develop a preliminary decision, provide counselling and consider all possible options that may suit the customer based on his requirements and budget.

Design stages

Designing is carried out in accordance with the requirements of fire, sanitary, environmental and other applicable norms and rules, as well as modern European standards, DBN and SNiP.


Before proceeding with the design, we go to the facility, having studied the technical requirements.


Calculation of heat surplus and selection of equipment of optimal power is carried out.


A layout of equipment and air ducts is drawn up, which is agreed with the customer or designer.


A selection of the necessary sections for the exchange of air ducts is made.


For the multizone system, the necessary diameters of the freon conduit routes and the installation location of the refnet are selected.


A specification of equipment, components, materials is made.


A project is drawn up, tasks are given to related organizations (electricians and plumbers).


The commercial offer is adjusted in accordance with the developed project. Thus, the cost of installation work and equipment, materials can be understood accurately.

Terms and cost of design

The cost of air conditioning design is calculated based on the price per square meter and room area. We begin work on the project after prepayment.
The terms of the project depend on the purpose and area of the facility. For example:
Apartment from 60 to 200 sq. m. - from 7 to 20 working days.House, cottage from 250 to 1,000 sq. m. - from 14 to 30 working days. Large commercial and industrial facilities - depending on their complexity.

Installation, warranty, servicing

Our company provides all services from design and sale of equipment to installation, commissioning and maintenance of air conditioning systems. In case if you decide after the development of the project to continue cooperation by purchasing equipment and installation from us, you receive the project as a gift.

Heating design


The heating system needs professional design due to the need not only to choose the right heat source and heating devices, but also to perform hydraulic calculations, to choose the pipe section and their length.
An incorrectly selected and incorrectly calculated heating system will be a waste of money, and will also require investments to correct errors.

We will help you choose a reliable, energy-efficient, durable heating system, which you will operate with minimal cost. We will also take into account all the nuances, wishes and specifics of the premises in order to correctly determine the required type of heating and optimally choose a heating system.

At the stage of developing a commercial offer, we carry out preliminary calculations, select several suitable options and consult without payment.
In case if after the development of the project you continue cooperation, buying equipment and installation from us, we will give you a project for free!

Этапы проектирования водяного отопления

The project is carried out in accordance with European standards and state norms and rules: fire, sanitary, environmental, Construction Norms and Regulations and DBN.


Calculation of heat loss


Selection of a heat source.


Hydraulic calculation: the diameter and length of the pipes, the amount of water in the system and the pressure under which it will be supplied are determined.


Coordination with the customer of the heating system scheme.


Working drawings, 3D visualization, layouts for installers, accurate estimates.

In addition to design, our company can supply you with equipment and mount it according to the project. We also provide warranty service.